Long and Winding Road

This entry was posted on May 17 2011

One thing that every business starting out needs is money.

One thing that many entrepreneurs don’t have is money.

But finding money is frustrating, even when you can perform all of the work that needs to be done without it, because, and let’s be honest, having money makes things easier. A good idea and the appropriate skills isn’t enough. Money is the key thing that every business needs.

But, again, the pursuit is frustrating. Recently, I was to meet with a potential investor that I have been pursuing for some time.

Then he rescheduled.

Now, there is a good chance that he is not serious, but that doesn’t matter. I am.

Plus, I don’t have money. Neither does Ant. So we cannot afford to let anyone pass us by.

Sure, some will say that it is control that matters, and it does, at a certain point. We’re not at that point.

Can we get there without money? Sure. It will just take longer.

But the point where we have money is where all other business concerns come in. Until then, it is worth the work, the frustration, and long days and nights. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing it.

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