If music/gaming/writing/fandom be the food of love, Play On (Con)

This entry was posted on Jun 22 2011

I am very excited to announce that Ant and I are going to be at PlayOnCon in Birmingham, AL this summer, Fri – Jul 29th and leaving July 31st, though the con runs one more day after that, running a workshop with the fine people at Mercury Retrograde on using gaming to expand storytelling worlds.

Play On Con

I must say, though, that I am nervous. This is my first time on the other side of the table. Sure, I could put up a bunch of false bravado, and I probably will during the convention, but right now, I have no problem admitting that I am anxious about it.

Still, these are the things you have to do in order to get your business going. It’s not all strategy and product, it’s also getting to know people and selling yourself and your abilities (Ant, feel free to make the inevitable joke about me selling myself).

Hopefully they will get our pics and bios up soon. I will post a link as soon as they are up.

I hope to see you (both of you) there.

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James Kempf, CEO of Cliché Studio, has made two games for Mercury Retrograde Press, learned from managing the comics at Criminal Records that John Stewart is the best Green Lantern, and once happily played a 12 ft. dwarf in Rifts.