5 Other Reasons for Cliché

This entry was posted on Jun 25 2011

Ant has a good post going about his reasons for joining me in creating Cliché Studio.

A lot of his reasons are similar to mine, which is one of many reasons why I think that Cliché is going to go far.

So here are my reasons for taking this risk:

1) Because I can.

The interesting thing about gaming is also something that interests me about comics. Every body who plays games wants to make them, just like every person who reads comics wants to make them (I am sure there are exceptions, but the vast majority seem to have those sentiments). And, you know, I am one of those people. I have always been fascinated by video games. I drew levels as a kid. I wrote backstories. I designed enemies. I worked out control schemes.

And now? Now I can actually put all of the random ideas in my head into a cohesive whole and potentially make them a reality, and that feels great. It makes it worth the risk.

Plus, it is also interesting about how many people want to make games but won’t make the sacrifices they need to in order to do it. I’m willing to, because otherwise, I may never get the chance and I would regret that.

2) I want more out of games.

I really do. Whenever I play a game, I rarely just play it and enjoy. Part of the fun for me is figuring out why the game is fun, and what else could be done to make it better.

Plus, I remember this ad in a magazine I had:

EA Can a Computer Make You Cry

I have yet to cry while playing a video game. And I want to. I want to be moved. I want the things I do in game to matter. And that is what I hope to do with Cliché.

3) It is interesting.

I learn a lot by doing this. Every time I sit down to do something, I learn something new, and that makes me happy. I cannot ever imagine being bored doing this.

In any job, even creative ones, your duties and responsibilities can feel like a chore, and you may end up doing them by rote. Not here. Starting your own business has so many moving parts and possibilities that there is no opportunity to get bored.

Of course, this may change in the future (I’m no fortuneteller), but right now, this is the best thing in the world to do.

4) Freedom.

I want more control over my life and this is a way to do it while doing something I love. There is really nothing more I can say about that.

5) Video games have the biggest potential to tell stories.

I love stories. It’s the one thing I talk about the most. Not just what stories are told but how they are told. Video games are the most fascinating place to tell them since, in games, the player is the principle focus of the story. They are Choose Your Own Adventure novels made real.

I loved those books.

Do I have more reasons? Of course I do. But these are the ones that are at the fore of my mind at the moment.

Will these reasons change? Only time will tell.

Will we succeed? I believe we will. We are talented, we are driven, and we have the will to make this happen.

Will it take a long time? It will, a lot of it, but I am more than willing to see this through.

But, no matter what, I have never been happier in my life.

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James Kempf, CEO of Cliché Studio, has made two games for Mercury Retrograde Press, learned from managing the comics at Criminal Records that John Stewart is the best Green Lantern, and once happily played a 12 ft. dwarf in Rifts.