Wow, That’s Wrong

This entry was posted on Jun 27 2011

Ant sends me all kinds of stuff, and it always interesting, but it is hard to keep up sometimes.

Even so, I read most of the things he sends me, and he sent me this little gem about Capcom limiting a cartridge game to one permanent save file on the cartridge, making it so that no one can ever play the game completely fresh, effectively killing its resale value.

Now, I understand why game companies hate the used game market, since they see no money from it, but this move strikes me as plain ol’ wrong.

You know, I will gladly admit that I have a natural predilection towards selfishness and being self-serving, but this kind of tactic is not the kind of game company I want. If people aren’t willing to pay the new price for a game that I am responsible for, then I feel that we haven’t provided enough value to justify the price. Doing things like what Capcom has done here is ignoring what the market is telling them, and I do not want to do that. I want people to feel that the amount we charge for our games is warranted and deserved.

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