Playon-after a nap or two-con

This entry was posted on Jul 31 2011

So I came back from PlayOnCon today. The convention goes to tomorrow, but I am getting old and can’t keep up with those guys.

Though I probably made an ass of myself to someone, all in all, it was a great convention. The people were friendly, the games were fun, and I didn’t puke.

Though our panel went well. Really well. The thing that made the con for me was when we were playtesting a game for Mercury Retrograde. Everyone was enjoying the games, people were talking smack, and during all this, a guy comes up, asks what we are doing, and based on his interest in our game, decided to buy the first book in Barbara’s Way of the Gods series, Shadow of the Sun. How cool is that?

Special thanks goes out to Barbara Ish, Rachel Ish, Andrew Greenberg, Barbara with the Bloody Marys, Trouble, Lynne, Mark, Sean, Donut, and all the people whose names I am forgetting right now. It was a blast and thanks for showing Ant and I a good time.

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James Kempf, CEO of Cliché Studio, has made two games for Mercury Retrograde Press, learned from managing the comics at Criminal Records that John Stewart is the best Green Lantern, and once happily played a 12 ft. dwarf in Rifts.