The Power of Social Games

This entry was posted on Nov 07 2011

One thing that is really compelling to me about games with a social focus is the way in which you get drawn in. Thanks to the network of people you know, there is a myriad of points of entry that can get you to play a game and to keep you playing.

I’ve just had a recent encounter with one of those entry points. My goddaughter, Sarea, just invited me to play a game with her on Google+. Now, I wasn’t planning on playing games on there, but since she asked me to, I knew I couldn’t say no. So, now, before bed just about every day, I intend on playing this game.

I don’t know how many people she has playing with her, but I do know a few more can’t hurt. If anyone wishes to join my goddaughter in her quest to kill zombies, (a goal I whole-heartily endorse), just send me an email and I will give your user name to her so that she can invite you play to play.

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