No surprises here

1 Comment | This entry was posted on Jan 11 2012

So, SOPA is getting a lot of press online as of late, and today, and Ant asked me my opinion of it.

This may come as a shock, but I am not a fan.

First of all, because piracy is going to happen. It is a cost of doing business. Someone is going to take your stuff and you have to factor that into your business model. Personally, I do not think that others should bear the burden of an industry being unable to adapt.

But most of all, I believe in the rule of law. Laws such as SOPA strip people of the ability to redress grievances in our courts and allows people to punish others without any burden of proof. The right to trial is a a hallmark of a civilized society. Without the courts we are merely thugs.

And that is what the entertainment industry is asking for our government to do, become thugs on their behalf. This saddens me, because I like to be entertained, but what saddens me more are the people who are supporting this silly, asinine and wasteful bill that will prove to be ineffective at curbing internet piracy.

For our friends in the entertainment industry, please find better ways to deal with piracy than turning the government against your customers.