Beautiful Spam

2 Comments | This entry was posted on Dec 30 2010

So, recently I received this comment for my approval:

Hello, this is a actually fascinating internet weblog and ive loved reading a number of in the posts and posts contained upon the web site, sustain the good do the job and hope to study a lot extra exciting articles within the time to arrive.

Nice, huh?

The thing is, if this had been written in acceptable English, I probably would have approved it, and the link that the spammer wanted me to post would have been up and available for all of my visitors (both of them). I would have gotten what I wanted, a nice comment and the feeling that someone actually took the time to read the random drivel that I wrote, and the spammer would have gotten what they wanted, their link posted.

Now, why didn’t I approve the comment? I mean, sure, it’s spam, and who likes spam (outside of South Korea). But that is not reason enough. Sure, I do not like spam flooding my email, as that takes time for me to do away with, and I do not like the spam for obviously shady enterprises (oh, you crazy Nigerian princes, you), because shady enterprises hurt people.

However, even with that all said, I do not think that I hate spam, or even what spam represents. Spam, at its core, is advertising and self-promotion. Sure, annoying advertising is, by definition, annoying, but it also stays with you. For example, that comment has been stuck in my head all week. Also, self-promotion is also annoying, but we all understand why we do it. Hell, it’s often necessary. If you don’t promote yourself, who can you count on to do it for you?

So, that being said, this is a note for all the spammers out there. If you wish to submit a comment, please use acceptable English. If you do, I will probably post it, as it will look like any other comment. To make sure that I post it, say something nice that appears to pertain to the site. If you are incapable of decent English, for the fee of $1, I will gladly rewrite it for you. That way, we can all prosper.

Thank you.