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This entry was posted on Dec 12 2010

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Let’s Talk About Sex

The Escapist: Sex in Games

Yesterday, I had started responded to a video from Escapist Magazine concerning sex in video games. Today, I am continuing to do so, but this time about a different point the video makes.

In the video, the narrator suggests that sex not be a game within the game being played, as it took the narrator out of the game. This puzzled me, and I thought, “Why the hell shouldn’t sex be a game within a game?”

I mean, really, why not? I think that the problem the narrator is having with sex as a game is not that sex has been made into a game, but rather it is one of context. Two prime examples, Incredible Crisis and God of War illustrate this problem.

In Incredible Crisis, the father is suddenly put in a position where he has to please some random lady with a massage. The twist is that you have to do it blind, since this is a family game.

Now, the question is, did this take me out of the game? Of course it did. It was silly. It was ridiculous. But then, so was the entire game. There was not a single point while playing this game that I was involved in the story, but the story wasn’t important in Incredible Crisis. Rather, the story was only a pretext for all of the zany craziness that was this game. Is the player emotionally involved at any point in the story? No. Does the sex contribute to the story? No. Is the player emotionally involved with the sexuality in the game? No. Is this the fault of making the sex a game? No. Rather, it is due to the game and the game’s context.

But hey, let’s take a look at a different game that makes the sex its own game-within-game (oh, how meta!).

In this game, the hero, Kratos:

Randomly runs into two horny ladies in a bathhouse, in the middle of a battle, and decides to have sex with the both of them.

When Kratos engages the “ladies” the player is then made to perform a number of actions on their controller in order to satisfy the ladies successfully (no, you don’t see anything, you perv).

Now, I am sure that the narrator would say that since the sex is a game, it takes the player out of experience of playing the game (because that makes sense), nevermind that the main character STOPS IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE TO HAVE SEX! See, I would say that it is the ridiculous decision-making of the main character that pushes the player out of the game.

If you want games that treat sex well as a game in and of itself, there are many examples online that I will not link to here. Go ahead, look them up. Go to Google. In fact, let me Google that for you, just don’t do it at work. You want to keep your job. Eventually, more mainstream games will catch on as to how to make a game out of sex that is both interesting and satisfying.


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