Religious Gamers

This entry was posted on Jun 26 2011

Recently, I met a person who offered to post about us online.

I was definitely grateful, as anything that can help us build a name for ourselves is a good thing, but he told me that it was going to be on a gaming forum called Fans for Christ. (If any of you are reading this, hello! I hope you enjoy what we have on here so far and I hope to hear from you.)

Warning: I am going to make a mistake and bring up the topic of religion online.

Now, I do not attend church, as I do not feel a need for it, but my religion does greatly affect my choices, morals, and ethics, but I never really thought about how it might affect my gaming.

It’s funny, but even in games I have a hard time being a jerk, or being mean, though I am often over the top evil, especially in RPGs. I was seriously disappointed that I could not sacrifice children in Fable II or III. Believe me, I tried. However, if I have a choice of saying something cruel in a game, even when I want to say it, I choose not to. It makes me uncomfortable and I feel horrible even considering it.

Still, I do not know if my religion affects how I play. It is something I will have to continue to think about.

So, my question, gentle readers, does your religion or your personal ethical construct affect how you play games? Especially in games where you have to make moral or ethical choices.

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