Nervousness and Neuroticism

This entry was posted on Jul 20 2011

So, Anthony and I are going to Alabama next week for the 2011 PlayOnCon.

As excited as I am, I’m a bit nervous. What if no one shows up to our workshop? What if everyone shows up to our workshop? What if I start stammering, which I do more often than I care to admit? What if we bomb the thing? What if the people who show up don’t want to make a game or are so intimidated by it that we have to lead them by the nose, which is no fun for anyone? What if I puke? What if I drink too much the night before and and oversleep? What if Anthony and/or Barbara have to bail on me at the last second?

These are the things I worry about.

The crazy part is, these are the things I am supposed to worry about. It is my job to think of issues and contingencies for them. I know Anthony does this as well, but I consider it my responsibility to plan for them.

The other crazy part is, I love planning for them. I really enjoy thinking of crazy scenarios and how to get through them.

And, finally, as worried as I am, I am truly excited about doing this convention and getting things done at Cliché, and doing this convention is not only going to be a blast, but it is part of getting things done at Cliché.

So, I’m pumped.

Hopefully I won’t puke.

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