Three things I learned in my first three days running a kickstarter.

This entry was posted on Sep 21 2012

So running your first kickstarter can be harrowing, I was tempted to stay up that first night waiting for the first donation to come in. Already even though it’s been going for a few days I’ve learned some valuable things

  1. Get someone outside the project to proofread your listing before you post. Things will make sense to you because you’ve spent so much time working on the project that may be vague or confusing to an outside audience.
  2. Double check the Rewards! Once someone has chosen one you won’t be able to edit them so any embarassing mistakes or incorrect statements will be stuck on there after they’re chosen
  3. Market your product before the kickstarter. It’s been said elsewhere before but it’s worth repeating. Kickstarter isn’t some magical portal to find investors. Its a tool to allow people to invest in your project. You have to bring most of the people. This would have been easier if I’d gotten more people interested/excited about the project before the kickstarter. The people who have responded best are the ones who i mentioned the project to beforehand.

Do any of you have experience running a kickstarter? Share your stories below! If you have opinions on what makes a project worth investing in from the investor side we’d love to hear from you too.

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