Thank You Notes

This entry was posted on Sep 04 2013

Since we have put our game Unbound: Endless War up, I have taken to writing a thank you email to each person who downloads the game.

True, I could use a form letter, and, admittedly, a lot of the notes sound the same, but I am actually writing each one individually.

It’s just a thank you note, and nothing more. Of course, if someone responds to one, I will answer back, but my guess is that most people will see it and ignore it. But, hey, if you do read it, know that I actually did write it just for you.

My favorite one I wrote so far was to a gentleman who had a blog posting about making sweet tea. I would put a link here, but since the blog hasn’t updated since 2010, I don’t know if the author wants attention drawn to it. In their thank you note, I shared my own method for making sweet tea. If they read the note, I hope they enjoy the tea.

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