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This entry was posted on Feb 08 2014

Recently, I went out with a rather enchanting and witty woman. I am not sure it went well. I talked too much, I was odd, I overshared and I was awkward. I don’t think it was the worse date she ever had, and hopefully, I will see her again. If she enjoyed herself, then wonderful. If she didn’t, perhaps she will give me the opportunity to redeem myself. And if I never see her again, then c’est la vie

During our conversation, the subject of motivations came up, and she shared how that when she embarks on a project, if it is just for her, it may or may not get finished. However, if she was making something for a friend, it was more likely to get finished.

Such is the same with making games with Anthony. We have been working at this for quite some time. Every time I feel like throwing in the towel, I remember that I do not want to let him down, so I keep at it. He confessed to me that the same is true for him. Our friendship keeps us motivated, as does the friendships for the lady mentioned above.

Having that motivation has been helpful these last few months as I have been putting together copies to send to reviewers in preparation for getting a Kickstarter campaign together.

So, if you ever decide you want to make games, this is what you have to look forward to:

Printing cards;
First page

Coating Cards;
Coating Cards 1

And coating cards;
Coating Cards 10

And coating cards;
Coating Cards 9

And coating yet more cards;
Coating Cards 8

Yep. Coating cards;
Coating Cards 7

You guessed it. Coating cards!;
Coating Cards 6

Still more card coating;
Coating Cards 6

Are you as tired of coating cards as I am?;
Coating Cards 4

Well, too bad;
Coating Cards 3

Do I even need to explain this one?;
Coating Cards 2

And the remains of coating cards;
The remains of coating cards

And then there is cutting cards. I won’t torture you with this one. But it took a long time;
Card Cutting 2

Card Cutting 1

Then there is finding packaging;
Boxing Boxes! Goldmother!

Next are labels. Hopefully Corey finishes those next week.

In the meantime, I started testing a multiplayer expansion. Before I did that though, I drew a mat so it would be easier to try new configurations.
I kind of hate hexagons now

It took four tries to draw that thing. I kept getting the angles slightly off, but by the time I realized something was wrong, the hexagons started overlapping.

Then there is testing.

Okay, that is enough pictures for now. I need to get back to writing thank you notes. I am behind on those.

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