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This entry was posted on Feb 25 2014

So we have added our game to and the response has been tremendous. So far we have remained on the top 10 hottest games for five days (which is pretty awesome).

Anthony described the game on the site with:

“Unbound: Endless War is a game where you build a map and maneuver your ships to attempt to take over your opponent’s base before they can do the same to you. You place cards to build out the map you engage your opponent on by playing cards face down so you can leave traps or bluff. For example I may surround my base with tiles that are difficult to attack from, or place a hidden explosion hex in the path I think my opponent is going to take to destroy their troops and the nearby hexes.”

This got me to thinking about how to describe this game to people. Whenever I have spoken to people about it I have said a bunch of different things. The problem is, this game does a whole lot with very little. This leads to a lot of ways to describe it.

I have been trying to distill it into a single sentence or a ten second pitch. Here are the different things I have thought of.

“It is a game where you and your opponent build the board.”

“Unbound: Endless War is a game where every move you make has an equal chance of helping or hurting you.”

“Unbound is a 4x board game.”

“This is a game of lies and deception. It is a strategy game where bluffing is just as important as tactics. It is also a game where control of the board comes not from placement, but from knowledge of the battlefield.”

None of these seem to hit the nail on the head, though. If anyone has any thoughts, we would love to hear them.

Also, I am slowly catching up on thank you notes. I am halfway through January and will be writing February’s notes soon.

And for those who are interested, I did not get a second date. So it goes.

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