Grimace kickstarter

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We are starting a Kickstarter for the face-making card game some of you may have heard we made, Grimace. We will be using the money to print out decks and James will head out to local stores and do his business-y thing he does and get them to carry and sell it. Hopefully this will be a fun casual party game we can bring to you all and if it’s successful it may help us speed along the development of other projects we have going on in tandem.

Support Grimace here.

How can we make Grimace a better game for you? What updates would you like to see before we print it?

A call for help to our readers (both of you)

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To anyone with a heart,

My dear friend Mark’s cat, Katzie, is in need of heart surgery. Due to his financial struggles, he is unable to pay for his dear companion’s medical need. If anyone can help him, please do so.

You can read more and contact Mark here:
Enough About Me: An Autobiography

Thank you.



Katzie is okay. I thank everyone who went and helped Mark out. And I thank Anthony for not berating me for putting something personal on here.