Story Players

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I saw an interesting video from Extra Credits a while back about the role of the player in our art.

This goes hand in hand with the emphasis on world building we want to have here. If we create interesting worlds (or just spaces for some of the less storied entries like Marco Polo) people can discover/unveil/create their own stories.

Minecraft does a great job of this. As you can tell here:

You have any great stories from games that weren’t the ones explicitly put in by the designers? Share with us in the comments.

bad business —

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We’d just like to get the word out about Cliffski’s plight. He’s an independent developer who is being stiffed on the bill for some games he’s produced. You can read the details in his own words here

As a note we only have one side of the story, but Zero-G hasn’t, at the time of writing denied anything or even bothered to respond.

Update–The issue was apparantly with the portal sites Zero-G was working with, not Zero-G themselves. Back payments have been made and everything has been resolved. Zero-G is only guilty of poor communication it seems.

Ask Cliche

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We’ve added a formspring for anyone that wants to ask us anything but doesn’t want to leave it as a comment to a specific post. You should be able to see it on the sidebar to the right OR you can go directly to the website here: