Models & Animation – Adding a touch of gloss

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Mar 21 2012

Worked on updating the graphical appearance of Just Deserts today. Its surprising what a difference throwing some textures on a few models can make.

Ran into some trouble with trying to animations and Mixamo to work. The player model I’m using gets into a walking pose but won’t actually animate walking. I’d like to drill down into it but I’ve got a day-job I have to get away too.




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I’ve been working on a real graphical interface for our current game and dealing with some quirks of android in the way of things I’m trying to do. I meant to put up some screenshots a week or two ago but need to borrow a camera or find a way to do screenshots on the phone. We’re shooting to have the core of this done by june and then we can start putting on polish and some fancy extra features. Exciting times my friends.


0 Comments | This entry was posted on Jan 10 2011

When I started working on our current project(I’ll wait until James thinks its a good idea to announce it to say what specifically it is). I was thinking let’s start on the most visible part first. Thinking that if there was something to show off it’d be helpful in gaining support.

Minor problem with this outlook is that backend type things are more of my forte, whilst graphics are a weak point. Still I wanted something to be able to show people so i trudged along getting frustrated.

The point of having something to show isn’t to have something visual though, its to have visible progress. A change in tack led me to work on the database first and come up with a way to showing the work I had done so far there. A chart of game flow and a command line prompt worked much better to both show progress and maintain motivation then my crude user interfaced hooked up to a non-responsive system could ever be.

What have I learned from this? In the future focus on the backend with the minimum amount of interface needed to be able to show what you’ve done. Even if the dummy interface isn’t going to make it into the game it can use the same hooks you will use later for the real interface, and may be how you will look for bugs later anyway.