Incarcerate & Unbound:Endless War

0 Comments | This entry was posted on Dec 09 2015

Hi, life upheavals for both me and james have left this site untouched for awhile. Still working on stuff. I got a little bit stuck working on the video game port of Unbound:Endless War and started on my own personal side project called Incarcerate for a bit. Doing a little game about the prison industrial complex and trying to approach it in a respectful type way. The first prototype version is on gamejolt: incarcerate But there are a lot of changes and restructuring happening.

On the Unbound front James has a revised rulesset in the work thanks to some feedback we got on the old set. Still not sure when we are going to move forward with the kickstarter but we have several people who have agreed to do previews for us and they’ve all received our prototype copies of the game.