Outlook hazy, please try again.

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I’ve been chugging along polishing fortunes. Had an interesting issue with text windows and scrolling because I somewhere down the line changed the input settings in Unity and got scrolling to go the entire text at once.

Once I’m in an OCD enough mood to get the new NGUI interface all aligned properly I’ll share some screenshots. In the mean time for the few of you who have expressed an intrest keeping up with the project: Fortunes

Thanks Sophie Houlden for informing me about workflowy!

No country for old screenshots

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So Despite labeling the last screenshot post screenshot Saturday, there was no updated screenshot this past weekend. Unfortunately there wasn’t much graphically different between the two days. In addition to the coding work on this project, I’m trying to design this site to make it look better, and working a full time job to boot.

My point here isn’t to complain about my schedule but to talk about what isis getting done. I have two somewhat tricky commands left to implement and then we get to start working on the user interface. I am also organizing the project and investigating rally to help get things more streamlined going forward.

Are any of you game designers or programmers? Leave a comment and share what you use to organize your projects/programs and whatnot. We’d love to hear from you!


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When I started working on our current project(I’ll wait until James thinks its a good idea to announce it to say what specifically it is). I was thinking let’s start on the most visible part first. Thinking that if there was something to show off it’d be helpful in gaining support.

Minor problem with this outlook is that backend type things are more of my forte, whilst graphics are a weak point. Still I wanted something to be able to show people so i trudged along getting frustrated.

The point of having something to show isn’t to have something visual though, its to have visible progress. A change in tack led me to work on the database first and come up with a way to showing the work I had done so far there. A chart of game flow and a command line prompt worked much better to both show progress and maintain motivation then my crude user interfaced hooked up to a non-responsive system could ever be.

What have I learned from this? In the future focus on the backend with the minimum amount of interface needed to be able to show what you’ve done. Even if the dummy interface isn’t going to make it into the game it can use the same hooks you will use later for the real interface, and may be how you will look for bugs later anyway.