Development #5 — Prototype!

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This morning I got the fortunes prototype to a playable state and immediately began learning from it. Its an exciting time to go from looking at the flow of how code should theoretically interact and seeing it actually play out. It also reinforced my main lesson from work on Marco Polo. Mainly not to get bogged down in making something perfect, and get something testable done. 80% of the crippling problems with Marco Polo were ones I had no idea would be problems despite spending tons of time trying to make sure things were immaculate. Live and learn I guess.

Have any of you readers played the card game we designed that this project is based on? If you did leave us feedback in the comments or at


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No, not the one with Alex Mercer.

I’m coming to a strange stage with the current project. It needs to be given to other people to start testing but I can’t help but want to make it better before letting others see it.

That’s not the point of a prototype.

As James reminded me, “Yes it’s going to break, that’s the point of a prototype.” Really I can look back at earlier stages of this project and see where some testing could have been helpful earlier on too, I may not have spent so long in some stages and/or might have noticed and resolved things earlier in the design.

So James is going to do his talky thing and try and convince people to try and help us do some alpha testing. If anyone out there is chomping at the bit you can let me know and maybe you can help test too.

Here’s to the scary future and letting go of my work to letting others see it.