Food in the desert & asset store

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Just deserts has sent us to our first paid purchase at the unity asset store. Its worked pretty well for our free asset store items so I guess its time to give back to the asset store community.

As far as just deserts is concerned got food implemented and along with that player health. Went ahead and put in the logic for losing the game at 0 health even though nothing can damage you yet. Enemies were supposed to be next up but that didn’t get done because of frustrations with a free model I had found that was far too detailed and got imported poorly to unity and had orientation issues(I could not get it’s forward aligned properly with the mesh.)

My list of things left for Just Deserts.

Withering away

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Those poor plants in the upper right are almost gone

Got the plants working in a “creep” like fashion now. They cover a radius around where you planted and slowly draw in instead of just having a static plant that vanished after a time. It sounds like a minor difference but the visual impact of seeing the foliage withering away was really satisfying.

Next up is working on Enemies. I found a free scorpion model on Turbo Squid and am going forward with that, any of you know of other places one can find free fauna models?

I was really worried that this project was falling apart before this week but several things have come clicking together.

Intricacies of Binding volumes

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Been having a lot of trouble with an adjustment we’ve been trying to make to our Edge game, just deserts. The win condition is supposed to be when you’ve covered the desert with fauna and I have the plants as a circle of foliage around where you planted them. I was checking for victory by periodically raycasting down onto the board and seeing if I could hit the board but this was coming up true in some very wierd situations. I tried many things including changing unity’s collider trigger settings futzing with layers and various head aches for multiple days.

Today I tried changing the colliding volume from a cylinder(what matches the model) to a box. It works now.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Models & Animation – Adding a touch of gloss

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Worked on updating the graphical appearance of Just Deserts today. Its surprising what a difference throwing some textures on a few models can make.

Ran into some trouble with trying to animations and Mixamo to work. The player model I’m using gets into a walking pose but won’t actually animate walking. I’d like to drill down into it but I’ve got a day-job I have to get away too.



Our foray into the Edge create unity3d competition

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Since we are ahead of schedule with programming for fortunes we are entering the Edge Create Challenge

Edge create

Edge Create Challenge 2012

We came up with a game for their theme of ‘edge’ that we’re tentatively calling Just Deserts. It is about a struggle to preserve an ecosystem on the verge of dying out. We’ve got a good working prototype with programmer models going on right now.

Beautiful programmer models

Are any of you taking part in the edge competition? Let us know in the comments!

Iron Developer

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When I’m not browsing various game development related sites, I frequent a site called Nerd Fitness.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness, no its not an oxymoron

They are starting up a 6 week challenge that also coincides with the Edge online unity competition. So I will be doing some serious leveling up of my life as I challenge myself mentally and physically over the next few weeks.

I won’t bore you with the details here, but if you’re interested you can check it out here

Development #4 — Prototyping!

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I’ve taken a short break from working on Marco Polo because of the holidays, but in the mean time have taken time to work on a prototype for the Fortunes game. Using unity for it for the publish to iOS and android options. It may be a bit over-kill but I already know the engine and its cheaper then some of the other options I researched(at least in the long run).

Got to play around with Editor Scripts in Unity to try and view what was going on in my non Unity objects through the Inspector. I may go through a bit about the mechanics of doing that on here later. Its annoying to me that the examples are always in javascript when I prefer to work in C#.

I am not writing this from home so no screenshots of the prototype work so far, but they’ll be coming in a few weeks.